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Balls Drop: Mars Station

This is an arcade racing game created as a team for a University project at UWS. I was team leader and worked mainly on the physics engine, optimization and rendering. Originally created using C++ and OpenGL with SDL as a native desktop game. Kalid Salim handled the controls, GUI, sound and much of the rendering. While Chris Taylor worked on the terrain, camera and loading the track data. I have converted it using Emscripten to JavaScript to run in the browser with WebGL. The aim is to test performance and investigate different tool sets to target WebGL/HTML5 for games development. Use the cursor keys to steer and accelerate the ball down the hill, keep to the track and collect tokens for a fast time. Use the button above to get full screen, and hit escape to exit and to get back to the main menu. Stay tuned for local multiplayer and sound support. Drop a message if you enjoy this game or technology.

Created by Daniel Waine, Kalid Salim, and Chris Taylor. Many thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the in game music. Jaunty Gumption, Broken Reality, and Retro Future Nasty by Kevin MacLeod